About Us

I created Rideshare Wear with one mission and that is to help drivers make more money and get better ratings.  I have driven Rideshare for over two years and I have learned a lot  on the road.

When I drive, and I mean I really drive, I drive as many hours possible. At one point I even figured out how to do an “8-day week”. While on the road you can get frustrated and want to give up. It gets tiring and it seems every few months there is a new obstacle in the way for drivers. Whether it be new regulations, natural disaster, disease, and anything or everything you can think of, Rideshare Drivers simply can’t catch a break. 

I came up with the idea for Rideshare Wear when I was getting tired of figuring out what to wear when driving. I’ve worked plenty of jobs in the past where it was easy, you had a uniform or at least some type of dress code. With Rideshare Driving it’s a bit ambiguous. I wanted to create something easy, subtle, goes with everything, looks cool and gives the passenger that little reminder to give five stars. I also got tired of constantly making sure my hair was presentable so the hat was a huge help and timesaver. I know we don’t think about this, but a lot of passengers notice. The passengers who give you the lowest ratings are the most judgmental and they are looking for something to ding you on, anything. 

I wanted to create a clothing apparel line that made you money while on the road and saved them time. You don’t even have to remind the passenger for “five stars, as some drivers do”, they subconsciously are looking at five stars from the moment you pull up, the ride, and up until the end of the trip. The whole time all the passenger sees is a five star driver! It shows you take your job seriously, you care, you go that extra little step.

I want drivers to make the most of every minute they are on the road. In addition to making apparel for drivers I also want to supply you all the best accessories for your car while on the road. Even if you don’t purchase accessories from us, I hope to at least inspire you with a well curated list of accessories that have helped me while driving. 

After a few months, I hired a few of my other Rideshare friends, and we have been having a blast running this site.  We aren't just looking to sell apparel, we want to start a community.  A lot have changed for drivers and will continue to do so, but no matter what we will be here to help you make the most of you time on the road.


Patrick Hall

Founder and CEO of Rideshare Wear